The Cookies


A cookie file is small text file saved by the Internet Portal in a technical device (such as computer, tablet, mobile phone etc., hereinafter referred to only as the “Technical Device”) of the User during browsing of the Internet Portal. Thanks to this file, the Internet Portal saves for a certain period of time information about steps and preferences of the User (such as login name, font size and other display settings), and so the User does not have to enter them again at the next visit or browsing of the Internet Portal.

The Operator monitors the effectiveness of the Internet Portal by means of cookies. In general, cookies do not contain any information serving for identification of individual persons, but instead serve and are used for identification of the internet browser installed in a particular technical device. Cookies can be temporary or permanent, which remain in the technical device of the Client also after the internet browser is closed for a period of time specified in cookies.

These permanent cookies can be checked upon each visit to the Internet Portal. Information collected by the means of the Internet Portal include: particular type of internet browser, internet address from which the Client connected to the Internet Portal, operating system of Technical Device and IP address. In order to display more relevant advertisements, some cookies are determined by the advertisement system of third parties, such as Google Adsense. This can be switched off in the Google account. A Technical Device can be set to disable cookies, although in such cases some functions of the Internet Portal may not  be available.


The Internet Portal and its components use cookies to remember settings of Users in order to better adjust advertisements to interests of Users and to assure the necessary functionality of Internet Portal components.


Cookies can be checked or deleted by the User at his/her discretion. The User can delete all cookies saved in his/her computer and the majority of browsers can be set to disable their saving. However, in such cases it will probably be necessary to manually adjust some settings upon each visit to the Internet Portal and functionality may be reduced.


Usage of cookies can be set by means of the internet browser. The majority of browsers automatically receive cookies already as the default setting.


This website uses cookies

Cookies are small text files stored by a website on your computer. They are used to improve your website experience, analyze your site's performance and collect usage data. We also use third party tools and services for this purpose. Some of the data obtained in this way may be provided to partners inside and outside the EU. By clicking on "Allow all", you agree to the processing of cookies. By clicking on "Reject all" you will reject all cookies except the necessary ones. Click "Manage settings" to get more detailed information and adjust your preferences.

The necessary cookies are used to ensure the proper functioning of the website. They make it possible to navigate the site or access protected areas of the site. Necessary cookies can be processed without the consent of the person concerned.

Preferred cookies allow a website to remember information that determines the way the website behaves or looks, such as your preferred language or the region in which you are currently located.

Statistical cookies help us improve our website by providing information on how visitors use the site, through anonymous collection of information.

Marketing cookies allow you to analyze the online activity of site visitors. As a result, they see fewer ads as they browse the web. The ads that are of interest to the visitor are mainly displayed.